A Black Woman on the $20 Bill!

This is great news. Finally, we don’t have to be saddled with a gaunt, old dude (with pretty great hair, I might add). We’re getting Harriet Tubman, a more current shaper of our nation, someone who represents the true freedoms that all humanity is purportedly proffered by our Constitution.

This is a good thing. She was a good egg.

Now, Jackson, the current face of the bill, wasn’t a sorry sap, himself. He was like a Bernie Sanders in anti-big bank populism, and hated by all his colleagues like a Ted Cruz. He kept South Carolina from jumping ship by the same threats Lincoln did, though Lincoln had the misfortune of actually having to carry them out, Jackson, on the other hand, winning by diplomacy.

But off he goes into the dustier pages of history, no longer leering at us, as we spend our twenties, if we can even afford them.

America is moving forward.

Update: Yuck. Jackson sucked with respect to Native Americans. Screw him. Welcome, Tubman!



  1. brucegee1962 says

    There was also the leeeeetle problem that one of the main planks of Jackson’s platform was “Look at all the Indians I killed.”

  2. says

    Interesting that Tubman will be on the more often used twenty. Many opposed putting her on the ten, arguing that it would be second class status, while some were pushing for the ten.

    I’m all for the choice, but nothing says there need only be one woman. There’s good argument for putting Grace Hopper on the ten, as both a woman and the first STEM person on US currency.

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