The Doctor Just Called: My Bride is Doing Well

She has a heart. I was surprised! 😉

Mayo doctors have conclusively diagnosed her with AVNRT and know the spot to ablate (burn). The doctors have put her to sleep now so she won’t “feel the Bern,” and will be ablating, re-testing, re-inducing, then continuing ablation, until they are confident everything is good.

Then, she’ll have a 30-min wake-up time, a 4-hour lay flat time, and then home. She’ll more than likely not have to spend the night, which is good. She has a lot of laundry to do at home.


  1. Numenaster says

    The Boyfriend had his ablation done in February, and it was a problem-free undertaking that finished an hour earlier than they told me to expect. Good thing I didn’t leave the premises 🙂 The most amusing part was waiting while the conscious sedation wore off: we had the same conversation three times before he began remembering it.

    Since then he’s had a few minor episodes of arrhythmia, but nothing like it used to be. He cut way down on his coffee intake, and that’s certainly helped. He’s also sleeping through the night much more thoroughly, and remembering his dreams for the first time in 30 years.

    Hopefully your bride will do even better than that 🙂

  2. says

    Did they put her under with Fentanyl?

    That stuff causes some amazing short term memory effects. You can have interesting conversations in the recovery room. “Hey, how are you? Ok I am fine”
    (snap your finger and get them to look over there
    “Hey, how are you? OK I am fine”

    I was escorting someone who had Fentanyl for a minor surgery and when she came out, she told me a joke. Then, when she was distracted, she told me the same joke. 4 times. It was hysterical!

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