My Wife is At Mayo, Undergoing Ablation

She has AVNRT. The Mayo Clinic knows what the problem is. This is good.

After a few cancellations, the doctors were able to schedule her for today, April 19. The procedure is simple:

Send a catheter up through the groin. Send another one through the neck. Get both catheters to the heart. Induce the heart to do weird shit, like beat at 220 bpm. Find the naughty spots. Burn them. Induce another episode. Watch. Burn. Ablate. Rinse Repeat.

After it’s all done, her heart should be perfect.

I’m sitting here in the waiting room…waiting.


  1. chigau (違う) says

    Hi Joe
    I’m in another waiting room.
    My SO is currently having an echocardiogram prior to the ablation procedure.
    Wanna hold hands?

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