Great Comments on My Last Transgender Post

In my last post, I highlighted the absurdity of transgender “bathroom bills.” Two people commented and made some very good points. I’ll let them speak.

Travis Chandler says:

The rule of fear has an astounding, and dare I say, growing power in the US. There is a disheartening tendency towards relying on base rhetoric and emotional appeal, flying in the face of logic, reason, and research when it comes to our self-governance. Having said that, allow me to continue the trend for a moment in saying this: When people go to the bathroom, it’s usually to go to the bathroom, not hunt up unsuspecting children to club over the head and drag off to sexually brutalize. It continually astounds me that the Abrahamic god could be completely nonplussed to traipse around day and night with Adam and Eve in the buff yet be so insistent upon modesty when it comes to common biological function in the 21st century. Perhaps the ultimate irony (and the last cheap shot I’ll take here, I promise) would be that the religious community (I’m happy that I’m exaggerating in lumping them in together here, knowing that there are a good number of sensible believers out there in regard to social issues) is so fervently up-in-arms about the fear of sexual assault of children in the bathroom from people who have no established propensity towards carrying out the crime for which they are being deemed guilty, yet are so silent and complacent in the face of the fact that the institution from which many of them derive their beliefs has been shown, time and again, to be guilty of the very thing they fear.

Vivec says:

Well, speaking as a trans person well, I personally like this sort of argument. It’s pretty much just a reductio ad absurdum. Even if there was this threat of bathroom predation, this bill would do nothing to fix it.

If the law is going to mandate that very masculine-looking afab trans people have to use the women’s restroom, it defeats the whole argument that “men will just put on dresses to sneak in”.

Why would they have to bother with the dresses, when the fellow in the picture looks the same as your average cis dude? The law is literally unenforceable without inspecting everyone’s genitals and would, if anything, make it easier for some cis dude to gain entry to the women’s restroom.

I adore my readers.

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