1. Walter says

    She doesn’t need to worry about bears in Colorado. The only bears there are black bears, and they’re harmless. The grizzlies are in northern Wyoming and Montana. Her worry would be mountain lions, and in that case the mace would be useless: You never see or hear a mountain lion attack before it happens. They are incredibly stealthy. However, her Tea Kwan Do skills would come in useful. The best way to ward a mountain lion attack is to put up a fight. (Unlike grizzlies, where you should play dead until they lose interest and go away.)

    Sorry. I used to live in grizzly country, so I couldn’t help but weigh in.

  2. lorn says

    The word from some bear country residents is that ‘bear spray’ has become something of a condiment for bears that like their meals spicy.

  3. sonofrojblake says

    Old joke warning:

    Warning given by park warden in bear country: we’ve got black bears and grizzly bears round here. Black bears are only a problem if they don’t hear you coming, and pepper puts them off, so tie some little bells to your clothing and carry a handful of pepper to throw in their face if they attack.
    How will I know what kind of bears are about?
    You’ll see bear scat on the trails. Black bear scat is very dark brown and comes in hard little balls about the size of a tangerine. Grizzly bear scat is larger, softer, lighter brown, smells of pepper and has bells in it.

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