I’m still around

Every once in a while, I write one of these. “Hi! I’m still around! Over here!!!” I’m in a bit of a writing lull.

Here at work, working for a behemoth corporation, merely a number in a sea of forgotten humanity, I am learning the ins and outs of a system that procures things for others companies and potentially other people. Some of the parts of the system that procures the things don’t work quite right. This means that people and companies don’t get their things, the things maybe get lost, the companies and people don’t pay for the right things, or the things sort of get procured, but never get paid for.

And paying for things is kind of important. Especially when the system relies on getting paid for the things. Otherwise, the things may not be able to be procured anymore, and people kind of want their things. Though, in this case, the people can go to a different source for their things, though I kind of like to get paid for helping them get their things, so they pay the big behemoth that pays me.

As you can see, dealing with the things is keeping me busy. But I will write when I can.

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