We Replaced Our Saturn with a More Environmentally Conscious Vehicle, Etc.

VanIt takes E-85, has 15 seats for car-pooling, is white, requiring less AC usage in the hot summer months, and my kids have been using it as their bedroom, reducing our heating footprint in this most recent Minnesota cold snap.





ShoesAlso, I was going through photo memories and found this lovely one of The Freak (5) from last year, who dressed herself before we went out for steak. We took her proudly. I love that girl with most of my available heart.








UmbrellaAnother one of my daughters, Laura (12) was helping me design a new product line. We figured out the first prototype.








TonAnd here is one of my favorite religious -themed cartoons.









HerFinally, I took my lovely bride (33) out to breakfast, just before we commenced with the grueling car shopping process. It was a wonderful day date. Spontaneous. She smelled damn good the whole time. And, as you can see, she mostly ignored me.







UsBonus! Another #RedMyLips photo.







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