Sunday Non-Church Stories: March 20, 2016

Write your non-church stories for this Sunday in the comments below. I will follow up with you via email to get clarifications and possibly pictures, if you win my heart with your tale. Then I’ll publish what you allow me to publish.

Have fun!


  1. Dr Sarah says

    We did what we did every Sunday – did a lot of computer stuff, then went out somewhere for some fresh air and a walk.

    Today the place we went to was the local garden centre, as they have a food shop and we wanted to buy some appropriate chocolate thingies for the upcoming celebration of the brutal death and alleged resurrection of a guy who might have existed 2000 years ago, or then again might not. The chocolate certainly exists, though.

    Then we went on to a nearby place for a walk, and came home, and had dinner, and my daughter made a set of tickets saying ‘Atlantic Cruise’ so that we could play a game of going on an Atlantic cruise.

    Not very exciting, but, there you go, it’s what we did, and it was an enjoyable enough day. Hope yours was good!

  2. Karen Locke says

    I worked on a beaded necklace, did a couple of loads of laundry, and made a run for fresh cinnamon rolls. Good cinnamon rolls take me back to childhood, when my mother used to do cinnamon roll baking marathons. She’d freeze most of them, and we’d eat cinnamon rolls for weeks… and the frozen ones were good but not nearly as good as those right out of the oven.

    And now, it only being not quite 4:30 pm on the West Coast, I’ll go fiddle with laundry and get back to work on my beading project. I love the down time of Sundays!

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