Weekly Godless Check-In: March 18, 2016

  • I yelled at Jack (7). He lost his shoes. I treated him like shit. I apologized and gave him a hug.
    • Don’t humiliate your kids, parents. They don’t tend to like it.
  • I bought a new lawnmower on a credit card after having a zero balance on my cards for a few weeks.
  • My credit score hit 825 on an 850 scale. That’s super depressing. I have nowhere to go but down.
  • I began researching, in depth, the Jamar Clark story. No, not the Minneapolis Police Department version, though that will be cross-referenced for posterity. I will be writing my findings here.
  • I sat on a couch of a good woman and a cat and talked Canadian politics for an hour, drank Canadian beer, and ate Cadbury Caramel chocolate bars
  • I began writing for Freethought Blogs!!!!!
  • I finally took down the third-floor Christmas tree. We’ll burn it soon.
  • My daughter wrote me a letter
  • I gave advice to someone. They rejected it. They were fine.
  • I drank two bottles of wine in two nights. $6 Costco branded wine. It was the best wine I’ve had in years.
  • My bride and a dear friend of hers ripped up our living room carpet, exposing the bare, hardwood flooring. We had installed that carpet five years ago, for $3000. That money is now rotting behind the garage.
  • I was leveraged for a second, simultaneous project at work. I feel like I’m being sprayed with a fire hose, all the information they’re shoving into my brain. This was in lieu of calling my contract. I guess they like me. That’s nice.
  • I wore a t-shirt and shorts, then a winter coat and boots, all in the same week. It also rained.
  • I watched my daughter get a better phone than me.
  • I rollerbladed with my oldest girls, Renaya (13) and Laura (12). I’ve never rollerbladed before. So, naturally, I challenged them to go down a steep ramp by a local church. They mocked me as I screamed like an excited goat.
  • I began the foundational steps of starting my residential demolition company. I wanted to call it Home Wreckers, LLC, but someone already took that name. I think it’s Fabio.
  • I drank too much coffee.
  • I switched my bed sheets to flannel and slept like an old person in a nursing home with nothing better to do.
    • Don’t ever let someone say they slept like a baby. Baby’s don’t sleep.
  • I flirted with my bride. Once, I even touched her in a platonic and loving way. That’s very new for me. I need to learn it, though. She craves touch, but not always sexual touch. I crave compliments and smiles, a woman melting into me. By the time we’re married for 50 years, we might just be compatible.
  • My bride went and talked to Fred’s (11) school and hacked out an agreement to make life better for him. He is amazingly happy now. More on that in a future post.


  1. teejaykay says

    Hi, frequent reader of another FTB blog. I just chanced upon yours, and I think you’ve a new fan. I don’t know exactly what it is, but your slice of life posts and check-ins are wonderful to read due to your honesty and humility. Please keep posting, and welcome to writer status!

  2. johnson catman says

    Re: you flirted with your bride

    I bought and read a book several years ago on the advice of a counselor. I don’t remember the title since I lent it to a friend and never saw it again, but it was about how different people have different primary needs in their love. Some people crave physical touch, some like gifts or compliments, etc. It had a test in the back to determine the type of “love tank” that you have. The reveal was that each person could keep their partner’s “love tank” full by focusing on little things that mean a lot to them, such as hugs for those needing physical touch. My wife and I still follow the principles. We have different needs, but we know what makes the other happy, and thus keep the relationship full of love. It works for us, and it appears you subscribe to the principles even if you never read the book.

      • johnson catman says

        That’s it! I think whatever works to keep the couple happy is good. The friend I lent it to was going through some trouble with her marriage. I thought if she and her husband both read it and applied it to their relationship, it would help them. I don’t know if she read it, but I know he did not. They are not together anymore.

        I am not reluctant about it. It works for me and my wife because we were both open to the ideas presented, and we are both sensitive/caring people. It will not work for everybody.

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