Wow…thank you for your comments

My last post, titled, “I just want to play and build games all day,” was a simple plea to get some other ideas on how to be a better dad to my son, Frederic. I figured you all would take a passing glance, shrug, and move on. But…


Thank you for your comments. I’ve been reading them all day and sharing them with my bride. In turn, she’s been telling me to leave her alone at work. But we’re going to be talking about many of your ideas tonight, including possibly sending Frederic to a Waldorf-esque un-school. That sounds expensive, though.

Anyway, thank you so much for this engagement. I look forward to your comments as I write more.



  1. hotshoe_ says

    From your post about listening to radio in Minn/St Paul, I guess you live in Minnesota. State has public charter schools, and some of them are K-8 Montessori. None are based on Waldorf, as far as I can tell from state list. I’m not a big fan of Montessori theory, but in practice (in my experience with my own difficult preteen) they’re a cheerful and supportive place for kids who can’t do a lot of routine paper-pencil-checklist kind of work. And being public charter, wouldn’t cost you anything – maybe some volunteer time. For example, the parents may take turns bringing soup for the kids’ lunchtime – a bit more of a commitment than the usual elementary school where you only show up for teacher’s meetings. Dunno if this is in any way helpful, but …

    Best wishes to you and your whole family.

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