The kids, playing in the rain

IMG_2719It rained and they decided to go outside. Fuck homework.  I’m happy. And my eldest got a damn iPhone 6S, which is better than mine. So I’m pissed off.

Here was our iMessages conversation after she left the Verizon store:

Her (13): “Hi!!!!!!!!!!!”

Me (35, nearly 36): “I [redacted] hate you.”

“I know you do!”

“You got a 6S. That’s better than mine.”

“I know!!!!”

“Go to hell.”

Now she’s behind my chair, gloating and laughing at me. She’s enjoying this. I need a Johnny Walker Platinum with an orange rind in the glass.


  1. grumpyoldfart says

    I’ve got a Nokia 2G

    Telstra is about to shut down its 2G network but I think Vodaphone will continue support. Hope so.

      • grumpyoldfart says

        Wow! That’s like….ancient!!!

        That’s part of the attraction. I’m going to hang onto it for as long as I can, just for the fun of it.

        [Perhaps I should mention I am retired. If I was still in the workplace I’d probably have a much more up-to-date device.]

        • Joe Sands says

          I know that attraction. For me, it’s this deep desire to do things that the crowd isn’t doing. So, I adopted the Windows Phone when the Lumia 950 came out. I was there when they brought Cortana, all the way up to Windows 8.1. I wanted it to be successful. God damn, did I want that. But the Windows App Store was extremely impotent, with only one dumb little app for Google integration – and I do a lot with Google. The video compression was atrocious. The camera turned everything yellow and orange. And worst of all, in the 24 months of owning the technology, the OS and hardware caused me to need to have eight, count them, eight phone replacements.

          So I went with an iPhone.

  2. brucegee1962 says

    I’m easily distractable (he says while using time when he should be working to comment on somebody’s blog post). The last thing I need is a constantly distracting device riding around in my pocket all the time. It’s a flip phone for me.

    And now I’m going to shut my laptop so I can actually get some papers graded.

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