I can kill my children if God tells me to

I wrote a post, yesterday, titled, I am more powerful than God. The point of the post was to say that, since God is supposedly all powerful, all knowing, and present everywhere, being accused of “turning others away from Jesus” with my words was a false accusation. If I am able to best the god with all the myriad omni-characteristics, then I must be more powerful than him.

I’m actually okay with that. The logic of the Bible-god is completely ridiculous and I am left incredulously shocked that intelligent people still believe in a glorified Santa Clause or Tooth Fairy.

Enter a young gentleman who I grew up with. We’ll call him Tom B. He’s half my age and brainwashed into fundamentalist Christianity by his parents and the decades of a carefully constructed apparatus for true believers to be well-versed in apologetics and the “us vs. them” false dichotomy.

Only he doesn’t know this. And that’s by design. Fundamentalists are taught to view themselves as using superior logic to anyone that may be their detractors. Hell, the Apostle Paul set this up by saying, “The truth of Christ is foolishness to the wise.” That’s a paraphrase, of course, but you get the point. Anytime you are faced with doubts or a redress of your belief system, you are well within your spirituality gold star chart to reject all arguments as foolishness and Satanic.

Tom’s response:

If what you’re saying is true, it’s a really good thing that the reality of God is not who humans make Him out to be. Because, if that’s really who God is than (sic) even I would’t believe in Him. The thing is, humans can say anything they want about Him. They can attempt to find His flaws and make Him look bad. But in the end we’re judging Him by our standards of who we think He is. If you really want to know who He really is read the book He gave us.

My response was two-fold:

First, no. You don’t get it both ways. You can’t tell me that it is not possible for the human mind to fathom the realities of God, and then in the next breath, tell me that my human mind has the capacity to fathom the realities of God if I only read his book. You get one. Not both.

Then I mentioned Ole’ Abe. I told him that I’m morally superior to God, including Abraham, being that I wouldn’t kill my kids if some jerk-off told me to, no matter how powerful he thinks he is.

To that, Tom B. responded:

In Abraham’s defense. If you made a beautiful wooden chair and placed it in the dinning (sic) room nobody in the world can rightly take that chair out and burn it unless you gave them permission, because it’s your chair. In the same way God (who made man) gave Abraham the permission to “burn the chair”. Of course he wouldn’t let it happen because He loves us too much. But since God is the author of all life he has the right to do what He needs to with it.

I especially love the part where he conjectures, “Of course, [God] wouldn’t let it happen because He loves us too much.” Really? And in the next breath, people like Tom B. will tell you that you’re going to burn in hell for eternity – just like the millions, nay billions upon billions of souls before you.

But damn….God loves you.

I fear for his kids. And, being a quiverfull fundie, he’ll have a whole gaggle of them.


  1. johnson catman says

    The logical knots people like Tom B. have to tie themselves into so that they can believe the idiocy is frightening.

    I like your style of writing, Joe. I will definitely be checking out your posts. I don’t comment much, more of a lurker. I will just be in the corner over here listening in.

    • Joe Sands says

      Thank you for your kind words. And yes, logical knots. I have coined the term “spaghettified logic” for the malleable ways people subjectively reconcile their belief system, then turn around and claim that it is universally accepted doctrine.

    • Joe Sands says

      Right! Especially when the “book he gave us” is not a singular organism, is fallible, contradictory, and errant, as well as has as many interpretations as there are humans who have ever cracked its many different covers.

      But yes…that god requires a full understanding of how to not go to hell or you burn forever.

  2. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

  3. Alverant says

    Someone tried using the “God made all life so it’s OK to kill anyone he wants” reasoning on me. She just couldn’t grasp the concept that making something doesn’t mean you own it, especially when it comes to sentient beings separate from yourself.

    • Joe Sands says

      If I make a doughnut and hand it to a homeless person and he wolfs it down without so much as a “thank you,” by Tom B’s logic, I can cut open his belly and retrieve the mush, giving it to a more deserving individual. Though, of course, it could be pointed out that I am violating the rights of the homeless bloke to have an uncut belly, because I didn’t make the guy.

      Okay, my analogy is dumb. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Morris Hattrick says

    “Of course he wouldn’t let it happen ”

    Except he did in the here and now God killed all the people (“burned all the chairs”??) in the Noah flood. So much for that “love”….

  5. Dan G says

    (I’m afraid to read too much into Tom B’s last quote, as I don’t know the whole context, but…)


    Suddenly, the only moral dilemma in sacrificing your child could be if God had given you permission or not. Doesn’t matter, morally, if you like your child. Doesn’t matter, morally, if other people like them. Doesn’t matter, morally, what your child wants or likes. Doesn’t matter, morally, what pain they might go through. Morally, what matters is what the authority has given *permission* to do.

    If God had given a suggestion but not given permission, then it’d be wrong. But he gave permission, so sacrifice all you want. (Never mind that the amount of child sacrifice Abraham initially wanted to do was none.)

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