Gamergate: Two faced bullies, suicide and general hatred

A harmless woman became the target of bullies online. It must be a day ending in “y”. Except of course she was involved in games and the harassers were proud supporters of Gamergate.

After bullying her, they then claimed to be victims themselves – of trying to curb bullying. See, after harassing someone, they then try say “Hey, this person feels harassed!”. I wonder why?

Then the gaters wonder why we don’t trust them when they claim to be “helping”. No doubt some are. But again: it depends on who, at that second, is using the hashtag.

You want some two-faced morality? Here you.

Oh, bullying a person who is considering suicide? Please tell me more about ethics…

But if you wanted some more awfulness from Gamergate, look no further than another of its spokespeople, Mike Cernovich. (HT @stillgray)

(If unable to view Storify, find original link here)

When people ask is there anything good coming from Gamergate, I am now going to respond with yes.
And that’s exactly why they need to give up the hashtag collective.


  1. jambonpomplemouse says

    First rule of GamerGate: whenever someone in GamerGate does something awful, they were never even in GamerGate what are you talking about? No true GamerGate we are against harassment there are women in our movement it’s about ethics like reviewers can’t be allowed to give reviews I don’t like and also opinion pieces that offend my delicate feelings need to be censored because its the only way for free speech i’m saving video games #NotYourShield #YesMyShieldAgainstCritisism *incoherent frothing…..*