On that fake Paris Hilton Tweet

I scold Twitter. Again. Because apparently me and social media are like mortal enemies – or rather online conduct is.

Over at Big Think, I convey why it’s troublesome – both in terms of our conduct online and another area that is related: how we treat celebrities. I dislike the victim-blaming language of “they asked for it” by virtue of being celebrities, in terms of receiving flak and animosity and stalking and whatnot.

I really, really dislike being nasty to innocent, harmless people – even if they are famous.


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    Yet more proof that Twitter embodies all of the worst features an electronic communications medium can have, with none of the benefits. The sooner the majority of people just stop using it, the better.

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    Of course, she did awkwardly make homophobic and ignorant statements to a gay friend. She, and anyone – especially anyone with influence – warrants being called out for that.

    I remember that, and that I was considering posting about it. But when I looked at some articles about it on supposedly progressive site) to get more information, I found comment threads filled with sexist and misogynistic attacks which no one was calling out. When substantive criticism in context feels like piling on and condoning misogyny, people are less likely to offer it. So the culture you describe is corrosive to the legitimate criticism and discussion of bigotry.