Live Tweeting Your Meanness: Don’t Do It

I wrote a response to Elan Gale’s Live Tweeting his “hilarious” response to an “irritating” fellow passenger for the Guardian.

Let’s just say I wasn’t impressed.

(I note that Ophelia and Jason wrote posts, too).


  1. says

    Those were my thoughts exactly.

    When I initially read the story, I thought “Ah, this is going to be good”. Then when I read the way the (alleged) incident played out, I was pretty disgusted by the admiration this guy Elan seemed to be garnering among his followers. After reading it, I could help but think “This is what happens when assholes collide”.

    What’s interesting is that there’s still a relevant story here. It doesn’t matter that the incident was fabricated – what matters is that the props he received were real. The fact that the story was fiction doesn’t change the reality of how disgraceful it was that people were impressed by the way he handled the (fictitious) situation.

    What I couldn’t believe was that he was bragging about it.