Wherein I take issue with an innocent person being mocked for one mistake

I wrote a post, now at the Guardian  where I take issue with the unnecessary mockery and derision aimed at Miss Utah 2013, Marissa Powell. Basically, I’m realising I’m waging a war on an entity I’ve decided to call “the Internet”.

My favourite comment so far is this one [click to enlarge].

Screen shot 2013-06-19 at 7.00.11 PM

This person has uncovered my secret plan! Nooo!


  1. piegasm says

    You said things in defense of a woman. It’s well known that the only reason men ever do this is with the hope of getting laid. QED.

  2. Jacob Schmidt says

    Dude, you got caught white knighting. Just admit it. I mean, c’mon; the only reason to defend a women is so you can fuck her later. Everyone knows that. /sarcasm

  3. says

    Man, in the topsy-turvy worrld of the internet, you have to expect some degree of stupidity to find you.

    And occasionally, they’ll comment on your material.

  4. Jackie, Ms. Paper if ya nasty says

    This is how sexism cuts both ways.
    In order for Jpblow to believe what xe wrote, xe’d have to believe several derogatory stereotypes about men and women. Xe is probably included in one of those genders. I wonder how often people believe these things of themselves. I don’t think this person set out to internalize sexism. Maybe Jpblow sees his or herself as a “nice guy” or a “chill girl”. Maybe not. I wonder what sort of behavior of their own people like Jpblow excuse by blaming their gender.