So it begins

For some unknown reason, I got an email and now find myself here. It’s like a Twilight Zone episode, so I’m still a bit disorientated and giving one of the worst performances of my life. Seriously, there’s something on the wing!

Oh that’s my name.

In fact, that name on the right isn’t a misspelling or garbled message from beyond the grave: no, that’s mine. And yes there’s a “Q”. And yes there’s an “AU” – which is meaningless, since it phonetically doesn’t even make that goddamn sound when you pronounce it (properly).

In fact, let’s get this out the way: It’s pronounced to rhyme with Warick, garlic, sorry, etc. Not – definitely bloody not – rhyming with squeak, leak, seek, meek, etc. Think stick. Or prick. (Knowing the nature of Internet comments, I’ll probably get some wonderful rhyming words tossed my way soon enough.)

I do want to stress that who I am is actually unimportant. What matters and will matter more to this blog are the ideas, arguments, analysis, etc., that will be written on. I’m really not as fascinating as the topics of infanticide or incest: Do you really care about my favourite make of car (the one with wheels), or do you want to know good and bad reasons for supporting infanticide, euthanasia, drugs, guns, sex work, nonmonogamy, incest and so on? I thought so. Me too. Those are topics that will make this screen as they’ve made others around the Internet.

I write a regular blog at called “Against the New Taboo“, where weekly (at a minimum) I write on topics that have caused people to react with outrage when they think about or encounter them.

But: What doesn‘t elicit outrage, you might ask? People kill each other over computer games, throw children out of school who had lesbian relationships and let women die because abortion is so incredibly wrong of course (/sarcasm). However, I try to encircle ones that most people – including myself – haven’t considered. Suggestions are always welcome, too.

My aim for this blog is for it to be shorter, sharper, more direct: splinters if you will. I’ll write shorter posts, pose questions, make something metaphorically bleed. I’ll try find interesting links, responses. I’ll be shameless and indicate where I’ve written things. I’m sure you’ll tell me about interesting responses to, indicating why I’m wrong.

There’s little else I can consider interesting for a beginning post. Tomorrow I will reblog an old post explaining the name, though given this audience it’s probably not hard to know its origin (hint, hint) and why I chose it. In the mean time, I’ll take my cue from my new friend Ally and open it up to you. I’ll update with answers as they come in (assuming anyone asks or cares). Here’s an page, too.

You can follow me on Twitter, too.

UPDATE: I’ve not decided on a comments policy. However, for this first post, I’m just going to let all comments in. Thank you so far for the kind wishes and congrats.


  1. athyco says


    And maybe we could–only on occasion so you won’t expect it to become a habit–indicate why you’re right.

  2. VeganAtheistWeirdo says

    You hate dolphins? If you want to have any credibility, you’re going to have to support that position.

    Also, welcome! The idea of deconstructing taboos definitely sounds entertaining and potentially enlightening to me. I know I have certain philosophical positions that don’t easily translate to real situations regarding some of the topics you mentioned, so I’m curious to see discussions about them.

  3. says

    “Iโ€™m really not as fascinating as the topics of infanticide or incest … or do you want to know good and bad reasons for supporting infanticide, euthanasia, drugs, guns, sex work, nonmonogamy, incest and so on?”

    Tauriq, you’re off to a slow start with me.

    First, you didn’t include mere, simple human nudity among your list of taboos. Second, and worse if that’s possible, you used that muddle word euthanasia without saying what you think it means.

    Hey, guy, that word can mean carefully considered self-killing AKA suicide. It can also mean cold blooded, premeditated murder — which is why priests use the word when inveighing against Death with Dignity. If you mean suicide, say suicide. If you mean murder, say murder.

    Shape up, my friend, or I’ll haunt you!

  4. FossilFishy(Anti-Vulcanist) says

    Hello and welcome.

    How do you feel about peas and horses?

  5. Skep tickle says

    Hey! Welcome to blogging here, Tauriq!
    Hope your pronunciation tips click,
    Because (don’t you know)
    The way these things go
    Someone might think it’s all just a schtick.

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Apologies to all limerick fans and writers, everywhere

  6. Russell Glasser says

    Welcome, Mista Moosa. Grab a chair, have a drink. Get ready for the troll flood, they’re scheduled as a welcome wagon. It’s sort of a hazing ceremony, you’ll see soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Holms says

    Itโ€™s pronounced to rhyme with Warick, garlic, sorry, etc.

    But… how can these things all rhyme with your name, if none of them rhyme with each other?


  8. kevincharleston says

    Welcome Tauriq. It’s hard to keep up with you.
    (adds another URL for M. Moosa to the soon-to-be-disappearing Google Reader)
    I hope you keep comments on. There has been many an occasion where I’ve thought “what a thought-provoking post” – and then couldn’t tell you so.
    Loking forwards to some shards here.

  9. stubby says

    My pappy always used to say you can’t trust a man who doesn’t like dolphins. I’ve got my eye on you, Moosa.

  10. says

    Hello and welcome. I now have no idea how to pronounce your name, luckily its the internet so I’ll get away with it ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. =8)-DX says

    So is the “au” like Warrick or like garlic, make up your mind!

    Anyhoose, hie Tauriq, hope you write in a less splintered manner than this intro post, the topics themselves seem interesting enough.

  12. says

    Note to webmaster: This might be a good way to weed out people that are not wanted; make it a REAL FUCKING PAIN IN THE ASS TO POST A COMMENT. (3RD TRY!!)

    Welcome, Tauriq:

    My name, “democommie”, rhymes with “asshole” or “insightful savant” (depends on your political, moral, humoristical suasion–true story).

    I am glad to have come here and left a comment BEFORE I and those like me are consigned to the oubliette of blogdomishness by the PCAC*.

    I look forward to having the opportunity to get around the censors!

    “How do you feel about peas and horses?”

    It’s peas and LAMB, FossilFishy(Anti-Vulcanist) , with horse you want a nice oat pilaf and an assertive (but not to the point of “bucking off one’s palate) red. May I recommend, “Ol’ Glue Factory” pinot noir?

    * Politically Correct Anti-prurience-profanity-pornography Crusaders

  13. A Hermit says

    Tauriq? Isn’t that pronounced “Jones” like all Welsh names?

    Looking forward to the blog…