About this blog

If you follow gender-related debates in the media, on the web or on the bookshelves, you will undoubtedly agree that what the world really needs at this point is a middle-class, middle-aged, straight, white, male to explain it to everyone. What could possibly go wrong?

Over the past few years, I found my work as a journalist and writer has taken me deeper and deeper into issues relating to gender. I had more thoughts about gender than I could share in my articles at the Guardian or elsewhere. I have ideas I wish to explore and set down which need a home of their own, and so Heteronormative Patriarchy for Men was born.

Is this a feminist blog? No. I don’t identify as a male feminist, and plenty of feminists would quickly disown me if I did.

Is this a men’s rights blog? No. I don’t identify as an MRA and plenty of MRAs would quickly disown me if I did.

If there is an ideology here, or an agenda, then it is a simple one. I believe we should try to build a society where gender is rarely a burden, never a prison and always a blessing. To do that we need to challenge injustice, prejudice and discrimination. We need to minimise political and interpersonal oppression, abuse and violence. And we need to find compassion and empathy for those who suffer and struggle, whatever their identity, whatever their gender.

OK, it’s maybe not that simple when it’s written down. But if you’ve got any better ideas, do please email me or leave a comment.