Project 84: Why suicide is a political issue

Has a charity campaign ever carried such a powerful punch as Project 84? Indeed, one would struggle to name an artistic statement in any medium which bears such a profound weight. All of humanity’s deepest emotions – sadness, love, beauty, remorse, loss – are packaged into the 84 fully clothed male figures standing at the edges of the rooftops of the ITV building in London, as commissioned by CALM, the Campaign Against Living Miserably. [Read more…]

The FGM Detectives and spurious comparisons: trampling over the victims of male circumcision

There’s something of a rule that has evolved over the years, in discussions and debates about female genital mutilation. Call it a matter of etiquette, if you like, or even a tactical ploy, but the rule is this:

When people are discussing FGM, please do not attempt to expand or divert the discussion onto male circumcision.

It’s a rule not everyone accepts or sticks to, but I try my best to do so for the following two reasons, both of which I find persuasive: [Read more…]