O HAI! Remember me?

I know, I know, I’ve been neglecting you and ignoring you and have done a reasonably impressive vanishing trick for the last month or so.

Just so you know, I’m fine, not ill, haven’t been arrested as a perennial suspicious character, haven’t been killed in a bizarre gardening accident or anything like that.

If you’re really interested, I have been performing a really boring balancing act of assorted work/life issues and this blog has kind of tumbled down through the gaps. Probably also felt a need for a bit of battery-charging time, if I’m honest.

But I’m happy to report I have now reverted to something approaching my usual routine and will hopefully be furnishing you with some topics of intrigue and scandal to get your teeth into very soon.






  1. redpesto says

    I know you’ve been busy, but given the ongoing ding-dong on the previous post, don’t you feel like you’ve walked back into the house to find that Tom and Jerry (and Spike) have completely wrecked the place?

  2. Ally Fogg says

    redpesto [2]
    Hehe, I’ve been watching it scroll by over the weeks with a kind of detached interest.

    It’s a bit like when you have a party, go out the next day, come back a month later and there are four stoners still debating the universe in a corner.

  3. carnation says

    @ Ally Fogg

    If I may challenge your metaphor, I believe that the latter end of the preceeding thread is more like a group of male* youths, circa 1991, in a room with a bag of speed. Talking over each other, interrupting each other, repeating themselves, ad naseum. Eventually, they will retire to their beds for a ferocious session of self abuse, wishing for sleep that will never come. Never again, some will vow, but it will happen again (at least until some of them can start to afford E).

    * female youths might well have done the same, please refrain from any allegations of sexism

    Hope the life/work issues get sorted. Your words have been missed.

  4. D506 says

    @ carnation

    You were a primary participant in the other thread. At a brief count, you made 26 (give or take) of the 166 posts.

    To continue your analogy, you just spent the night doing speed and yelling with the rest and then woke up in the morning to tell everyone how pathetic the others had been. Did you really write that without a trace of irony?

  5. carnation says

    @ D506

    Let’s not derail this thread, eh?

    You used the word pathetic, not me. And it’s perfectly clear that, of course, I included myself in that group of youths. I don’t shirk my responsibilities.

  6. D506 says

    @ carnation Fair enough. Perhaps I misread in assuming you were excluding yourself; though I’d have used more ‘we’ and less ‘they’. I hope you enjoyed your night of furious self abuse as much as I!

  7. AndrewV69, Visiting MRA, Purveyor of Piffle & Woo says

    Welcome back!

    And yes you were missed (by me anyway).

  8. whiskeyjack says

    Hooray! I was afraid that your long absence was an indication you were thinking of leaving for good. I’m glad that’s not the case. 🙂

  9. Adiabat says

    Lol, one of the worst things about internet message threads is that you post to them once a day or a couple of times a week but if no-one else is really posting it looks like a ferocious back and forth full-blown argument that happened all at once. It was fun though, and it passed the time.

    Instead of the stoners in the corner I prefer to think we were here making sure the pipes don’t freeze. 🙂

    Welcome back Ally.

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