Decompressing: A List

Inspired by this post, I’ve been thinking a lot about what helps me disconnect. There’s a surprisingly long list–which I’m then terrible at using when I need to decompress. (Those in italics are from the original post)

Tonematrix: click the boxes. Listen. Repeat as necessary.

Really calming gifs. I must have stared at the second one for at least five minutes.

Do Nothing For Two Minutes: Bad at relaxing? This one will get on your case if you don’t stop doing things.

Fly a Line: Move your mouse about–and then set a timer, because I got lost here for a while.

Cassini: made entirely of photos from Cassini, an epic journey around Saturn, accompanied by appropriately dramatic music. [Epilepsy warning-some flashing]

Pale Blue Dot. Press play, close eyes.

And more Sagan, converted to an unbelievable choral suite.

The Sound of Silence

Calming Manatee would like you to know that you’re great.

Weave Silk

The Thoughts Room: put your stress here.

Paint a Nebula–just what it sounds like.

Information is Beautiful–breathtaking infographics.

Anaheim Ballet: this and this.

Add your own in the comments!


  1. km says

    Knitting! Sometimes really complex patterns help (demand focus), and sometimes it’s better to have a really simple straightforward st st with pretty yarn.

    Speaking of which, did you knit the pattern in your profile pic? If so, ravelry link please!

  2. stever says

    The music of Celtic Woman has been helping me fend off depression since 2011. Lovely Irish ladies who sing like angels, with a violinist you won’t believe. Hey, I’m an atheist, but sometimes a mythic image is what fits. Most of their work is on YouTube.

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