A Star Shines Again

In the progressive splinter of the atheoskeptisphere, there are some people that are really smart, some people that are really strong communicators, some people that just have the most consistent and best ethical practices. And then there are a vanishingly tiny set that have it all.

Heina Dadabhoy is writing again! They’re one of the very best. Give them a read, please. Their comment section is a ghost town right now, which seems so deeply wrong to me.

Come correct y’all. Read Heina’s blog, or I’ll box your ears!


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    There’s a question-styled comment held in moderation and I’m not letting it out bc I don’t want to annoy anyone with it, but I’ll answer it. They/their/them is often thought of as exclusively plural, but it doesn’t have to be. Both Heina and I are using that for our preferred pronouns. Google “nonbinary pronouns” or something like that if you wanna get hip.

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