A few more things called “Volvox

I like to document uses of the name “Volvox” that don’t refer to the green algal genus, for example Volvox the shipVolvox the paintDJ Volvox, another DJ VolvoxVolvox the art galleryVolvox the Turkish metal band, and another Volvox band (“one of the most extraordinary bands ever to emerge from Melbourne, or in fact anywhere else”).

Postdoc Katrin Schmidt recently brought a few more to my attention; I’m really not sure if they have anything at all to do with proper Volvox:

The Volvox

Volvox the book.

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DJ Volvox

This exists: DJ VolvoxDJVolovx

Volvox has been pushing the sound and spirit of underground dance culture since 2006. Her sensitive and energetic sets have made her a favorite among party devotees. No matter the situation she captures the crowd with everything from raw acid and EBM-flavored techno, to dreamy sensual deep house.

We should invite her to play Volvox 2017! I wonder if she projects Knut Drescher’s videos during her sets.

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Chlamy song

Posts may be thin this week. I am preparing a talk for AbSciCon and a manuscript that’s due Monday. Saturday morning, I will board the Empire Builder in Whitefish for a 30-hour ride to Chicago (no doubt some of the manuscript will be written on the train).

Meanwhile, here’s a song about Chlamydomonas (skip to 1:05 if you don’t want to hear the intro).