As an atheist, what curse would you use… (Responses)

In my previous post, As an atheist, what curse would you use…, I asked if any of you had any curses you might use instead of the typical colloquial phrases that use God in our society. There were some pretty good ones.

johnhodges says

“Geez”, “What the Heck?” and “Phooey”. Gosh Darn it.

And, my personal favorite:

WMDKitty — Survivor says

I’m partial to “Basement Cat’s Balls!”

I’m probably going to use that around my friends from now on.

Open Thread: We Could All Use Some Positivity

I originally wasn’t going to post anything today because I’ve been so stressed from the multiple things in my life crumbling before me: fixing things that have gone wrong, writing essays, an all-nighter, filming scenes, writing poetry and editing photography so I can enter them into a creative arts journal on campus before 11:59 PM tonight, dealing with the fact that I’m bad at Physics and wondering why I took a Physics course, possibly dealing with bronchitis…or at least a very annoying cough, seeing videos like TWO GENDERS? by Jaclyn Glenn (CW: transphobia) pop up on the Internet, the Presidential election, and, of course, dealing with people that need to be told what to do…over…and over…and over…and over again.

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