Dear Americans

We’ve all heard what the man has had to say and we’ve all seen what he is (or isn’t, I should say) capable of doing.

We’ve all been a part of this roller coaster ride known as his run for presidency with ads like this one popping up wherever we look and bigotry all around.

Donald Trump ad on YouTube's mobile app.
So we need to vote. The time for his reign of villainous terror to end is now!*

I’m really hoping that things end well and that we won’t have Trump for President…I’m hoping…really really really hoping.

*Cue some really loud chant like “THIS IS SPARTA” or…something like that.


Anybody remember when this President stuff wasn’t like a glorified reality TV show?

I can’t.

CN: I’d list it all, but honestly, it’d be easier to say…Trump.

The first election I was able to vote in was the 2012 presidential elections. I was 18 years old in my Junior year of high school. At that time, Donald Trump teased at a possible run for President, but backed downstarted the birther movement, and other things like threaten to sue Bill Maher who joked about the possibility of Trump being the offspring of his mother and “an orange orangutan.” It was shocking at the time and it seemed like it was all just monkey business (pun intended), but there were plenty of candidates that were just as shocking (at least to me anyway) such as Rick Perry who made the advertisement about wanting to bring Jesus and Christmas back in public schools and comparing it to “gays [who can] serve openly in the military”:

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