As an atheist, what curse would you use… (Responses)

In my previous post, As an atheist, what curse would you use…, I asked if any of you had any curses you might use instead of the typical colloquial phrases that use God in our society. There were some pretty good ones.

johnhodges says

“Geez”, “What the Heck?” and “Phooey”. Gosh Darn it.

And, my personal favorite:

WMDKitty — Survivor says

I’m partial to “Basement Cat’s Balls!”

I’m probably going to use that around my friends from now on.


So…it’s been awhile since I last posted and there have been many thoughts going around in my mind about the election and what’s been happening since. But I’ll save that for later.

Here’s an update about my blog and what will be changing:

Regular posts will now be every Tuesday instead of every Monday. Occasional Friday posts will still happen.

That’s it. I’ll end this with a semi-decent picture of my dog.My dog