As an atheist, what curse would you use… (Responses)

In my previous post, As an atheist, what curse would you use…, I asked if any of you had any curses you might use instead of the typical colloquial phrases that use God in our society. There were some pretty good ones.

johnhodges says

“Geez”, “What the Heck?” and “Phooey”. Gosh Darn it.

And, my personal favorite:

WMDKitty — Survivor says

I’m partial to “Basement Cat’s Balls!”

I’m probably going to use that around my friends from now on.

So, This Potato #1: Fourth of July

So I had this bit I did on the previous site I wrote for about statements I heard from people around me (and occasionally statements in the media) and provided some of my own (sassy) commentary on them. It was pretty much one of those “shit people say” bits. Not original really. The only difference was that, instead of using the typical labels for people like “man” or “woman,” I used food. Instead of saying “a man said this,” I would say, “a burrito said this.” This was so no one in my life could figure out who I was talking about…at least that’s was my intent. Who knows if they’ve caught on or not?

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So…it’s been awhile since I last posted and there have been many thoughts going around in my mind about the election and what’s been happening since. But I’ll save that for later.

Here’s an update about my blog and what will be changing:

Regular posts will now be every Tuesday instead of every Monday. Occasional Friday posts will still happen.

That’s it. I’ll end this with a semi-decent picture of my dog.My dog

Dear Americans

We’ve all heard what the man has had to say and we’ve all seen what he is (or isn’t, I should say) capable of doing.

We’ve all been a part of this roller coaster ride known as his run for presidency with ads like this one popping up wherever we look and bigotry all around.

Donald Trump ad on YouTube's mobile app.
So we need to vote. The time for his reign of villainous terror to end is now!*

I’m really hoping that things end well and that we won’t have Trump for President…I’m hoping…really really really hoping.

*Cue some really loud chant like “THIS IS SPARTA” or…something like that.


Open Thread: We Could All Use Some Positivity

I originally wasn’t going to post anything today because I’ve been so stressed from the multiple things in my life crumbling before me: fixing things that have gone wrong, writing essays, an all-nighter, filming scenes, writing poetry and editing photography so I can enter them into a creative arts journal on campus before 11:59 PM tonight, dealing with the fact that I’m bad at Physics and wondering why I took a Physics course, possibly dealing with bronchitis…or at least a very annoying cough, seeing videos like TWO GENDERS? by Jaclyn Glenn (CW: transphobia) pop up on the Internet, the Presidential election, and, of course, dealing with people that need to be told what to do…over…and over…and over…and over again.

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Queer Baiting on YouTube and Other Mediums

I saw this poem posted by Ashley Mardell, an LGBT+ YouTuber known for her ABC’s of LGBT+ series (which will also be a book) and other videos, and I thought it would be good to share.

It’s about “queer baiting” which is a term for when someone who isn’t LGBT+ uses clickbait-like phrases in their YouTube titles or other mediums such as “I MIGHT BE GAY?!?!?!” or “COMING OUT” making people think they’re coming out as LGBT+, but then say they’re coming out as straight, cisgender, lumberjack, or really anything that one wouldn’t really “come out” as.

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Anybody remember when this President stuff wasn’t like a glorified reality TV show?

I can’t.

CN: I’d list it all, but honestly, it’d be easier to say…Trump.

The first election I was able to vote in was the 2012 presidential elections. I was 18 years old in my Junior year of high school. At that time, Donald Trump teased at a possible run for President, but backed downstarted the birther movement, and other things like threaten to sue Bill Maher who joked about the possibility of Trump being the offspring of his mother and “an orange orangutan.” It was shocking at the time and it seemed like it was all just monkey business (pun intended), but there were plenty of candidates that were just as shocking (at least to me anyway) such as Rick Perry who made the advertisement about wanting to bring Jesus and Christmas back in public schools and comparing it to “gays [who can] serve openly in the military”:

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I’m bad at titles, so here we go…

Hello Freethought Blogs!

I guess I should start by introducing myself and this blog. I’ll try to do this without sounding too much like I’m participating in some awkward icebreaker activity, but I won’t make any promises.

Ladies, gentlemen, and non-binary folks! My name is Cadyn and this…is Small Town Deviant.

I’m 22-years-old as of recently and a bisexual non-binary human residing in a small town in Illinois (not Chicago). My pronouns are they/them/theirs. I’m a secular humanist and an atheist. I believe those labels define my views pretty well. Although, like most things in life, that can change. I’m also a third-year English-Writing major and film studies minor (unofficially, I have to create it myself) in university. I’m involved in our campus’s Secular Student Alliance as one of their three presidents (of course, this blog here is my own thoughts, not theirs), run a group that supports students with anxiety, OCD, depression, and other mental illnesses, lead groups that involve film and writing, and have been involved in the campus LGBT group in the past. As you can probably tell, I try to keep myself involved as much as possible. I’m also a fan of Tim Minchin and saw a performance of Groundhog Day in London (which is AMAZING!).

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