As an atheist, what curse would you use… (Responses)

In my previous post, As an atheist, what curse would you use…, I asked if any of you had any curses you might use instead of the typical colloquial phrases that use God in our society. There were some pretty good ones.

johnhodges says

“Geez”, “What the Heck?” and “Phooey”. Gosh Darn it.

And, my personal favorite:

WMDKitty — Survivor says

I’m partial to “Basement Cat’s Balls!”

I’m probably going to use that around my friends from now on.


  1. tecolata says

    I remember reading The Dispossessed by Ursula LeGuin and how people had trouble swearing on a planet where there were no gods and where sexual and elimination functions were simply natural functions and not dirty.

    All our cuss words are either “blasphemy” or sexual/elimination related. What’s left?

  2. Excluded Layman says

    Man, I’m late to this party!

    I mostly use established curses. It isn’t like using normal words, it has to feel right; there’s an emotional itch to scratch. I’ve had mixed success getting creative.

    One summer long ago, a good friend’s repetitive cursing was starting to chafe.
    “You keep saying that! Mix it up! Just string random words together!”
    “God… Fucking… Cock!”
    That had some staying power. This mix-and-match style is how you arrive at such viral hits as “shitgibbon”. The trouble is the possibilities are so broad you tend to fall back on old favourites anyway.

    I then drew inspiration from the game “two word gross-out”, where you basically madlib medical jargon and mouth words into mauvais mot. It follows a similar game plan, picking words that don’t usually meet, with the difference that you want synergy instead of absurdity.

    The sweet spot seems to be three words: “myiatic dick lesion”, “smegmatic twat lint”, “suppurating ball stomp” etc. It provides enough room to scratch the itch by incorporating common curses. Even when things get longer than that, they’re still usually built from three ideas, eg. “For the ever-fucking cock of Christ!”

    Getting away entirely from the usual subjects is beyond me. Nothing hits hard enough if nobody cares about the words, and so-called “minced oaths” always read as a rolled stop sign to me. “I used the brake, I’m not a bad person!”

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