So, This Potato #1: Fourth of July

So I had this bit I did on the previous site I wrote for about statements I heard from people around me (and occasionally statements in the media) and provided some of my own (sassy) commentary on them. It was pretty much one of those “shit people say” bits. Not original really. The only difference was that, instead of using the typical labels for people like “man” or “woman,” I used food. Instead of saying “a man said this,” I would say, “a burrito said this.” This was so no one in my life could figure out who I was talking about…at least that’s was my intent. Who knows if they’ve caught on or not?

With Donald Trump becoming our next President, I’m going to bet that there’s going to be A LOT MORE statements from people that’ll fit the category of “WHAT THE HELL?!”, “HOW?!”, and/or *screaming internally*. So I’m starting this again…with some minor changes.

Here’s the code on what is what (based on potatoes):

man=french fry

woman=curly fry

enby (non-binary person)=potato overlord

me=supreme potato king

Also, this series will be called ‘So, This Potato’ (unless I figure out a better name for this).

Here’s a small moment from my time studying abroad to get this bit started:

Once time when I, the supreme potato king, was studying abroad in London during the Fourth of July (also known as Independence Day in America), I was in class and one of the curly fry students asked the french fry tutor (who was British) if he was going to celebrate the Fourth.

Apparently someone forgot what happened on that day.

“Happy Good Riddance Day”



I think I’m funny.


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