As an atheist, what curse would you use… (Responses)

In my previous post, As an atheist, what curse would you use…, I asked if any of you had any curses you might use instead of the typical colloquial phrases that use God in our society. There were some pretty good ones.

johnhodges says

“Geez”, “What the Heck?” and “Phooey”. Gosh Darn it.

And, my personal favorite:

WMDKitty — Survivor says

I’m partial to “Basement Cat’s Balls!”

I’m probably going to use that around my friends from now on.

So, This Potato #1: Fourth of July

So I had this bit I did on the previous site I wrote for about statements I heard from people around me (and occasionally statements in the media) and provided some of my own (sassy) commentary on them. It was pretty much one of those “shit people say” bits. Not original really. The only difference was that, instead of using the typical labels for people like “man” or “woman,” I used food. Instead of saying “a man said this,” I would say, “a burrito said this.” This was so no one in my life could figure out who I was talking about…at least that’s was my intent. Who knows if they’ve caught on or not?

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