What Should NOT Be on a Poster About Preventing Sexual Assault

TW: sexual assault

There was this poster on bulletin boards around my university today and…well…



When I first saw this, I was speechless. There’s many things wrong with this:

  • Sexually assaulting someone isn’t just a “bad decision,” it’s a crime and should be treated as such. How do I know it’s talking about sexually assaulting people? Because I’m pretty sure getting sexually assaulted isn’t a decision someone makes.
  • The halo around the guy’s head? Really?! Do we really need to show the guy making the “bad decision” as a good guy with a halo?
  • It promotes the idea that drinking makes people commit crimes like sexual assault or get sexually assaulted and that people should watch what they drink.

And more. It’s just…UUUUUUGGGHHH!!!

This was one of the posters the university made, which means it went through multiple groups of people before it was approved. You’d think at least one person would have said something before these were put up around campus.


Luckily, there are actions being done by people who have expressed their concerns. But still…


  1. says


    But don’t forget the best part: “Drunk sex is … certainly illegal.” Wait…what? That’s a classic rape apologist straw man. (“Those SJWs say you can’t consent if you’ve had a drink! Aren’t they crazy!”)

    Who thought any part of this was a good idea? (Not a rhetorical question…seriously: who? )

  2. says

    Yeah, it’s not as if people who think that drunk driving is bad suddenly decide it’s all hip and fun when they are drunk. It’S people who think that drunk driving is no big deal or even cool who end up doing it. There’S no reason to think rapists are any different.

  3. cubist says

    Maybe I’m being overly charitable, but I suspect the thought process behind this poster might be that they’re tryna break through massive layers of Denial.

    While there’s a broad consensus that RAPE is a BadThing™, that consensus only extends as far as the word ‘rape’—as witness the depressingly large percentage of men who are perfectly willing to answer “yes” when asked if they’ve raped anyone, provided that the question does not include the specific four-character string ‘rape’. So there’s a whole lot of men out there who think “Rape is a BadThing, and a Rapist is a BadMan… but I am not a BadMan. Therefore, I obviously cannot possibly be a Rapist, and what I did to that really hot chick last night cannot possibly be Rape.” So the question is, how do you get the anti-rape message across to those guys?

    Considered in that light, the poster makes sense. At the same time… yeah, no. There’s got to be better ways to get the message across that… well… that.

  4. k8idx says

    Rape no matter what you call it is having sex with someone who is not fully and completely consenting. It is always a serious crime that does serious harm to the victim both physical and psychological. Always! I just don’t get what is so hard to understand about that. I’m over 60 and I have always understood that fact. The biggest turn-off is the thought that my partner doesn’t want to have sex with me. I’d be limp in two seconds really. And a little ashamed. Perhaps they could put that on a poster, but I’m an old man what the hell do I know?

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