I’m bad at titles, so here we go…

Hello Freethought Blogs!

I guess I should start by introducing myself and this blog. I’ll try to do this without sounding too much like I’m participating in some awkward icebreaker activity, but I won’t make any promises.

Ladies, gentlemen, and non-binary folks! My name is Cadyn and this…is Small Town Deviant.

I’m 22-years-old as of recently and a bisexual non-binary human residing in a small town in Illinois (not Chicago). My pronouns are they/them/theirs. I’m a secular humanist and an atheist. I believe those labels define my views pretty well. Although, like most things in life, that can change. I’m also a third-year English-Writing major and film studies minor (unofficially, I have to create it myself) in university. I’m involved in our campus’s Secular Student Alliance as one of their three presidents (of course, this blog here is my own thoughts, not theirs), run a group that supports students with anxiety, OCD, depression, and other mental illnesses, lead groups that involve film and writing, and have been involved in the campus LGBT group in the past. As you can probably tell, I try to keep myself involved as much as possible. I’m also a fan of Tim Minchin and saw a performance of Groundhog Day in London (which is AMAZING!).

I should probably provide some backstory as to why this blog is called, Small Town Deviant. Well…there were many things I thought of when coming up with the name. At first, I tried to think of a few words I would use to describe myself. When that didn’t work, I thought about a few words people in my conservative hometown might use to describe me. There were more possibilities and I kind of figured, if people are going to make fun of me, might as well let it be me. Of course, there are other things that were also a part of this title. As I’ve mentioned before, I grew up in a small town. As for the Deviant part of Small Town Deviant, this is a reference to the first time I really came out as an atheist to people. It was my Senior year of high school and I had to write a post for a blog for my Sociology class. The topic I had to write about was deviance. So I wrote about how being an atheist is considered deviant behavior in U.S. society since most people are Christians. In that post, I mentioned that I was also an atheist. I had only told maybe one or two people at the time, so I was a bit worried. Turns out most of the students in the class didn’t seem to care (or probably even read it…like most high school projects), but one of my friends who was also in the class did read it and told my other friend about it saying, “I thought they were a good Christian.” (Changed the pronouns here from the ones they used at the time.) Even though I found out that a couple of my friends at the time were not a big fan of my lack of belief, I’m still proud of that post and what I wrote. I also figured that the title describes me pretty well considering that I’m everything a conservative small town person might not like and/or find shocking.

Now, I know you’re wondering, “What is this blog and what will it consist of?” Good question. Some of that I don’t even know myself. I’m just winging it at the moment.

Right now, I plan on:

  • commenting on current events
  • telling stories about my experiences (and unleashing the creative writer in me)
  • writing information about aspects of the LGBT and/or secular communities or some other thing I know a decent amount about
  • and other things

I hope to post twice a week, but I’m not sure how likely that will be. My goal is to post at least once a week, most likely on Monday. If I do make a second post for the week, it will be posted on Friday.

So I welcome you to Small Town Deviant and hope you’ll stay and see this turn into…whatever it turns into.


  1. Numenaster says

    Welcome! Another godless rainbow here, pleased to see more members of the tribe out and about. We are everywhere!

  2. Dr Sarah says

    Hi, Cadyn! Brilliant to see you over here. I’m Sarah from the Geeky Humanist blog and I look forward to reading more of your work!

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