Looking for a quote…

I have tried all the usual quote sources, with no success. My recollection was that this was Abbie Hoffman… which means it could be any number of similar people, or a total failure of my recollection. Anyway, the gist is…

When you censor the freedom to say “fuck”, you censor the freedom to say “fuck the government”. or something vaguely close to that.

I remember this quote, very strongly. I also know that strong memories are not the same as true memories. So I am looking for help. And yes, I am also looking for the quote through my own sources. (and thus far failing, or I wouldn’t be writing this…)


and yeah, everything old is new again.

Questions For Tonight’s Democratic Debate

As I sit here, just off the coast of Maine, I see politicians, minions, reporters and spin-doctors scurrying around the state of New Hampshire, kissing babies, shaking hands, eating lobster rolls and pancakes, and generally tying up traffic. Having already asked questions of the republicans, I now set my sights on the democrats, and a little bit more seriously (and not in verse, sorry). [Read more…]