Happy As A Cuttlefish In Shit

… that is to say, not happy at all.

But yes, in shit. Came home to blocked plumbing and a strong smell of sewage. Poked around a bit to look for the problem, and saw a bubbling mass of water ooze up and out of the pipe, saturating the insulation of the basement wall.

This is gonna be expensive. And smelly.


  1. carlie says

    Nooooooo. My condolences. If it makes you feel any better, a friend of mine had a similar situation occur… the day of her wedding, at the reception at her house, which she found out about halfway through. So at least you don’t have party guests, I suppose?

  2. Cuttlefish says

    Heh, Carlie… last party guest to stay downstairs was actually the cause of our second-to-last plumber emergency. Protip: feminine napkins are not for flushing. Especially if you have pump-assisted basement plumbing.

  3. John Horstman says

    Oh, right, I’ve never posted here – now I feel kind of bad for making you moderate my sadface of sympathy on top of having to deal with literal shit. Sorry, Cuttlefish! Best wishes!

  4. Epinephrine says

    Sorry to hear it, I haven’t suffered that particular plumbing disaster, but none of them have been fun (or cheap). Best of luck!

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