Marriage Week: Larry And Robert

Larry and Robert are married.
They live in a house on our street.
They’re wonderfully helpful as neighbors,
And as nice as you’re likely to meet.

Their son is a friend of our daughter’s
Their daughter, a friend of our son’s;
If you’re looking for light conversation,
Or for helpful advice, they’re the ones. (continues, after the jump:)

They’ve been married for not very long now,
But together for twenty-some years
Since they fell for each other in high school
And supported each other’s careers

They’re clearly in love with each other;
The kids in the neighborhood know
You can see it in every encounter
Unembarrassed to let their hearts show

Now, my priest has a different opinion,
And I asked him to share it (of course)–
His view is, this blasphemous union
Is the same as a man and a horse!

It’s too bad their behavior is sinful
And their marriage is ruining mine
And that God disapproves of their union
Cos aside from those facts… they’re just fine.

Based loosely on these wonderful kids, and on my very real neighbors, whose names have been changed.

Context of Marriage Week


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