“These Are Tough Days”

When the file release they had fought
Caught them doing things nobody ought
They said “These are tough days
Cos in so many ways
It’s a terrible thing… getting caught.

At Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral downtown, Msgr. Kevin Kostelnik asked parishioners Sunday “to pray fervently” for the victims of the clergy child abuse scandal and lamented that “these are tough days.”

Like other church leaders, Kostelnik read a Jan. 31 letter from Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez about tens of thousands of pages of previously secret personnel files posted on the church’s website last week of 122 priests accused of molesting children. Some of the files lay out in Cardinal Roger M. Mahony and Auxiliary Bishop Thomas J. Curry’s own words how the church hierarchy plotted to keep law enforcement from learning that children had been molested at the hands of priests.

Yeah, these are tough days for the church.


  1. grumpyoldfart says

    None of the parishioners should have been inside the church listening to the sermon; they should have all been out on the footpath with Donald L. Kohles, withholding their tithes and protesting against the crimes committed by their leaders.

    Meanwhile, over at the Holy Family Church in Pasadena, Msgr. Clement Connolly told parishioners: “This is a terrible day, but this is a good day.” and the mugs in the pews applauded! Are they really so dumb that they fall for such mealy-mouthed flippancy? Apparently so.

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