It’s Not A Costume!

It coming up on Halloween, there are people putting on false appearances and trying to scare you… and there are people who are just plain scary when they are being themselves.

From a nearby paper, a letter to the editor today:

To the editor: You folks probably won’t print this, being a leftist leaning newspaper, even tho you print other letter authors two-three times a month, but here goes:

For those who haven’t done their research on this man, consider these facts.

1. He wants to finish removing every reference to God from all public institutions and schools.

2. Wants to increase federal income taxes.

3. Wants to abolish the 2nd Amendment and limit the 1st.

4. Appoint Supreme Court justices who will, will not strictly adhere to the Constitution.

5. Is for abortion, including public funding

6. Is pro gay agenda.

7. Has added $6 trillion to national debts, more than last ten presidents combined (can’t blame that on George Bush).

8. Is a rabid, radical socialist. Surround himself with socialists and Maxists (Van Jones, George XXX, SEIU, SOS, and on.)

10. Does not want a strong militant

11. Is not for developing our own energy resources. Will not allow off shore drilling, has shut down 20% of our coal mines, wants to shut them all down (can you say. “higher electric bills?”).

12. Apologizes to everyone (including Muslim countries who have murdered us) for this country.

13. His foreign policies have lessened our image to our allies, encouraged our enemies.

I could go on for gages, but I dare the reader to view the movie, “The Agenda” and read the book. “The Naked communist”. Very enlightening and very scary. I believe the average American isn’t fully aware of what’s happening to this country and further if I may be so bold, don’t want to be bothered with facts, their minds are made up.

Please, be an informed voter.

[name and city redacted–DC]

This person will vote. That’s scary.

But hey, other recent letters include the additional “facts” that Obama was born in Kenya, is a Muslim Atheist, and continues to eat roast dog in the White House (hey, it’s comfort food).


  1. says

    No he’s not. HE’S AUSTRALIAN!

    In fact, Obama is a member of the Wiradjuri, and hopefully will establish the US as our new New New South Wales.

  2. says

    Well, his father was a subject of the british empire when Obama was born… You know what that means right?

    Obama is not a Secret Kenyan… But a Secret BRIT! It’s not In God We Trust… It’s “God Save the Queen”…

  3. cazfans says

    This writer (not you Cuttlefish) ought to read the Archdruid Report if he really wants to be nervous, but I’m afraid one fringe does not much interact with the other.

  4. MaryL says

    If a person can’t spell or use grammar correctly, how can that person actually understand what he/she ‘reads’ in a book?

  5. Crudely Wrott says

    I assert that not one, not one of these screed scribblers could sit down and, without research, write a concise one page summation of the origins and history of socialism.

    Not one.

    History fail. They don’t care, of course. Some one or some thing else (guess who or what) knows so all they have to do is make the bleating noises that they so dearly love to hear.

    Makes ’em feel all warm and soggy inside, I guess. Makes me feel all cold and edgy . . .

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