One Answer To Pascal

A man once told me that he believed
Because he was playing the odds.
“Blaise”, I replied, “Take a look over here
At a site called ‘A Million Gods’.
You may think, by believing, it’s great if you win,
And there isn’t much chance you could lose–
But faced with a million and quite a few more…
Pray tell me, which god(s) do you choose?”

If you haven’t yet, and even if you have, please welcome FtB’s newest blogger Avicenna, over at A Million Gods. His old site was a favorite of mine, and I know I will read it even more often now that it is only a click away here.

Warning: the writing is so good, and the subjects so interesting, that A Million Gods has a distinctive gravitational pull, and you may find it hard to leave.


  1. says

    Is this an excuse to engage in a rap battle? Because freethought rhyme wars (Fine! Fr££thought Rime Warz! Bad spelling makes everything look kewl) may be a big draw…

    That being said? Who would pick a god that dies through carpentry? Pick a god who tries to kill you with a goddamn chariot wheel!

    Yes… That’s god trying to be held back by the hero about to murder an old age pensioner on quite possibly the pimpingest chariot ever.

    With a wheel.

    Now that’s a religion worth following. Because if you are going to be ridiculous, you should just go the distance.

  2. Corvus illustris says

    Where but on FtB can you get “my non-religion’s god inspires kitschy-er art than your non-religion’s god” wars?

  3. says

    Kitschy? Or Metal? Kitschy is feeding people bread and fish like some sort of Subway where the sub of the day is Tuna… Awesome is shielding people from the fury of the elements by using a mountain as an umbrella… Or dancing on the head of a giant snake…

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