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Pretty soon now, you’ll be able to see a widget in the sidebar over there to the right, that looks something like this:

For now, you can use this one. Anyway, it’s that time of year, when you would pretty much chew off your own leg to be done with all the attention on the USAian presidential race. Well, here’s the thing. If you donate to these needy classrooms, then in just under 3 weeks the presidential campaigning will be over! (True, it is quite possible that the campaigns will end even if you don’t donate to these needy schools, but at this point, is that a chance you want to take?)

Last year, the donors who went through my widget were incredibly generous, and I heard back from a number of teachers (and some students!) who shared their thanks, and who showed what a difference you made. I’ve included some of those classrooms again this year, along with a number of others–you can also browse around and search for schools near you, or projects that are near and dear to your heart (lots of people funded science projects through my widget last year, even though I linked mostly to poetry-related projects). Or you can specify high-need projects, schools in high poverty areas, or even have them pick projects for you at random.

So please give, and in giving, let not your left tentacles know what your right tentacles are doing. You know, just in case it’s something icky.



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