Debate: The Least-Informed Are In Charge Of The Questions

There was a voter, undecided,
Though I cannot fathom why;
Perhaps a faulty compass guided
Him, as days and weeks flew by.
Friends would prod, and neighbors chided
“Such an indecisive guy!”
With rapt attention undivided
All would roll their eyes and sigh.
The networks parked where he resided
(Never was he camera-shy)
The interviews that he provided
Kept the ratings climbing high.

Today, as news-mobiles collided
In his yard, I caught his eye:
“If I decide”, the man confided,
“All these cameras say good-bye!”

Yeah, old verse. I’m still grading.


  1. says

    @TheLorax, you can start making the dream a reality.

    This elections, vote for Gary Johnson. Yes, he is not going to win, and yes on fiscal issues he is no better or less evil or even sane compared to the others.

    But on social issues, he has a clear stance, and he has already “evolved”.

    So why vote for him if he is not

    a. Ideal
    b. Going to win

    Because in the age of Citizen’s United, that’s all you have. You have to indirectly influence the numbers.

    Instead of Gary Johnson getting 1.75% say he gets 6%.

    In a couple of elections when he or his surrogate gets 12-15% and the final tally is not some Romney 51% Obama 47%, but is Romney Jr. 43% Obama Jr. 41%, they will have to co-opt your issues.

    I understand if you are in a battleground state and do not want to Nader Obama or Perot Romney. If you are in a state like mine, vote Gary Johnson. Or Jill Stein. Tell others.

    Get them to 6% this time. It is really a simple argument.

  2. Randomfactor says

    There was a voter, undecided
    to the polling place he drove
    By right-wing news perhaps misguided
    daily practiced by Karl Rove

    Perhaps the rest of us can pray
    he will link that last synapse
    Or else be guided on that day
    to the polls by Apple Maps.

  3. lcaution says

    I could understand being undecided at this point if it were 2000 or 2008, with no incumbent running. But Obama’s been President for 4 years and Romney’s been running for a year. If one is so disconnected from politics as to still be undecided, it is perhaps best for all of us that one not vote at all.

    As for Johnson, he’s a flake who thinks the President is a dictator. He plans to get rid of the IRS, substitute a national sales tax, end all the social programs (social security, Medicare,etc.), get rid of all the other government agencies the Right loathes, etc.

    Waste a vote if you want to. The only times voting for a 3rd party candidate made a difference, we got Nixon and Bush 43. Nuff said.

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