“Stand Your Ground” Against Atheist Attacks?

So my aggregator sent me to a site where I expected to find bad arguments about crosses on war memorials. I found them (along with some fascinating descriptions of what atheists are, and what they think).

And then, this disturbing bit:

“Stand Your Ground” isn’t any different when atheists defile Jews/Christians, believing that Due Process will protect them from God’s preeminent power. Likewise, any War Memorial “Stand Your Ground” is equally justified under Jesus’ Principality where the sanctity of life is honored above all others.
Is an atheist better off dead or alive? Good Question. Are atheist “zombies” higher up the food chain than the guilt carried by mortal atheists? How about pagan “zombies” under the pre-supposed command of Osiris, Lucifer or Baal? It doesn’t take much imagination to understand how this psychotic morphology transpired between “atheistic guilt” to digging up graveyards in search of manifested hatred.
If given the chance, would atheists dig up War Memorials looking for reasons to conjure anti-God retribution? Sure!! Wasn’t this their goal all along? Yes it was/is!! Don’t be fooled by atheists; they’re the devil’s spawn bent faithless martyrdom and pagan futility. Morons!!
War Memorials are sacred, and are meant to be defended by God’s infinite power!

If I am translating properly from word salad to English, he is calling for the killing of atheists who would oppose distinctly Christian public war memorials.

I was livid… for a few minutes, until I checked some of his other writing (this, for example: “Why did God create Aliens?”). Now I feel mostly pity for the man. On the other hand… his views don’t come from his autism. They come from his environment. He clearly keeps tabs on lots of media, online and off, and if this leads him to suggest “Stand your ground” responses to the secularization of civic war memorials, then that idea is out there.

The writing is different, but the ideas would be at home on many news commentary sites.


  1. carpenterman says

    If this guy is taking drugs, he needs to stop. And if he’s not taking drugs, he needs to start.

  2. Alverant says

    The proper authorities need to be contacted before he murders someone and calls it self-defense.

  3. Psychopomp Gecko says

    Yeah, you’ll want to avoid places like Fundies Say the Darndest Things and its sister sites about conspiracy theorists and racists. Unless you’ve got a callus on your sense of humor, it will conjure up a lot of pity, disgust, or hate and just make you feel worse. Plus, while exposing them and occasionally running down their horrible ideas feels good, it seems a bit pointless for me to go somewhere just to read a bunch of incredibly wrong statements by people. It’s not even like Answers in Genesis which at least has some influence on things.

    You can probably achieve at least a little bit just by pointing out some of the crazies and the things they say, but I’ve decided I don’t want to get myself riled up over those people for no reason. In real life would be a different matter, of course.

    Also, I’m getting pretty darn tired of this Stand Your Ground law. It’s my state, but it seems to be used more to justify a murder than to defend someone who is being attacked.

  4. Randomfactor says

    but it seems to be used more to justify a murder

    I believe that was its primary intent. Facilitating self-defense was just a byproduct.

  5. billyeager says

    I think you’ll find the ‘watershed’ statement, that which marks this particular fundie loon as being ‘one of those’ particular types of fundie loons, in one of the other ‘articles’ posted to that blog.

    Let’s see if you can spot exactly what that distinction is:

    Whatever the IRS was, is no longer. The tithe of sin is death, and we of the Judeo-Christian faith will no longer contribute to sin’s tithe of death.

  6. hexidecima says

    it’s always rather amusing to see that as soon as Christians directly espouse what’s really in their bible, showing the desire to kill non-Christian, they are called “disturbed”. Problem is that they all are like this.

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