Death From The Skies… But Not Quite Yet.

The missiles have not been deployed
To vaporize an asteroid;
I’m certain you are overjoyed—
You live another day.
But just in case you wish to view
The menace, QG42,
And watch it pass us, live on Slooh,
Just click here, cos you may.

Ok, I want to write more, but this is happening *now*, in real time. An asteroid the size of a 14 story building is passing by your neighborhood tonight. Within, at this writing, the next few hours.

The link in the verse itself should (hey, I’m not an astrophysicist, I’m a cuttlefish) give you your best view of a near-miss asteroid–an asteroid that did not get Michael Bay’s call-back. Mind you, we don’t know about all of the asteroids, so another one, roughly this size, could hit us. It would look roughly like this… but a degree or so different. Mass and velocity… Seven miles per second is the speed of tonight’s asteroid, so we are all happy we can watch it pass by.

Anyway, I’ll post now, so you can watch, if you want to. See you tomorrow. A degree or two, and I couldn’t say that.

Lucky us.

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