Verse Form Invades New Niche

Reader Shellity has made good on her promise to pinch my verse form. Even better, her wonderful poem has shown added flexibility–three verses, instead of my usual one or two, showing me that my form has greater potential than I ever suspected! This is how it begins, and before you know it my verse form will be boring elementary school children for generations to come!

While you are at Shellity’s, take a look around; in particular, I loved what I saw in the “Big Angry Sky Daddy” category. I always said I wasn’t the best at what I do. I just got here first.


  1. rq says

    Digital Cuttlefish forever. (But very nice, shellity. Very nice, indeed!!)
    Still trying to figure out a way to get that sticker over here for minimal shipping fees. Any chance they’d make DC reflectors (the kind you can stick on or hang off children’s coats and backpacks)? I’d load up on those in a second.

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