One Hell Of A Life

It’s after midnight.

That makes it July 27th. The day my brother died, 2 years ago. As close to a holy day as I get.

I may or may not post today–hard to say. Well, one, I know, in around 12 hours, but more than that I don’t.

For now… Here’s to you, bro.

02 One Hell Of A Life



  1. Crudely Wrott says

    Take as much of the day as you need, dear Cuttle. Brothers are not easy to come by and impossible to replace.

    Our hearts break because we love . . . and are loved.

  2. Poose says

    I do not have a brother-I wish I did…

    But I can imagine how I’d feel if one of my sisters died.

    Disappear for a while, my inky friend and mourn-just remember also to celebrate his life as well.

  3. carpenterman says

    The green and gold of summer must give in to winter’s grey
    The dark of night must follow on behind the brightest day
    The earth will claim the birds at last, however high they fly
    And there cannot be a hello unless there’s a goodby.

  4. dlactin says

    My brother died the day after his fourth birthday. I found him. Don’t try to forget, because one day, you won’t be able to remember.

  5. Die Anyway says

    Two years ago this month my mother passed away. I don’t have a brother but I imagine that it is worse to lose a sibling who is close to you in age as compared to an elderly parent. Mom was 84 and in declining health. It was sad but not entirely unexpected. What’s a bit disturbing to me is that now, today, I don’t remember what the date was. Everything was so hectic and stressful but I swore to note the exact day. And now it’s gone. July xxxx…, 2010. Gone. But maybe it’s not important. That’s not the memory I want to hang on to and I’m betting you have better memories of your brother that you would rather keep in the forefront.

  6. had3 says

    Die Anyway et al, my shared condolences. Five years ago for my mom, back in February. I can’t remember the exact date myself, except it was close to valentine’s day. Now I just celebrate her birthday (tomorrow) as my holy day. Sigh.

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