If You Give A Cuttlefish A Rainbow Oreo Cookie…

…He’s gonna want to share it with everyone.

Click to embiggen and visit the site of a very crafty Digital Cuttlefish reader and all-around good person (whom I just met, over email, yesterday). The perfect plush gift for children of all ages–and it simultaneously delights good people and pisses off evil people.

There are other cuttles at the link, of course (cuttlefish are masters of disguise, after all), but really, isn’t this one already perfect?


  1. A 'Nym Too says

    Too cute!

    “Pride!” said the cuttlefish, excited and ready, to march and to sing of solidarity.
    With his bright. rainbow legs he announced to the world that the bigots couldn’t change who he was.

    So he marched and he waved his enormous pink banner, the one that said “Love makes a family”.
    His baby rainbow cuttlefish rode on his back, wiggling and waving at the throngs.

    Baby cephalopod waved his multicoloured arms as he proudly paraded with his daddies.
    With nine hearts between them they beamed love into the crowds, with such force that they cleansed every mind of ‘god’.

    What? A girl can dream of rainbow cephalopod gaybies spreading love and tolerance with their sheer cuteness.

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