No More Santa Monica Nativity Scenes

In sunny Santa Monica
When Christmas comes around
For sixty years, you could be sure
That Jesus would be found

For sixty years, the public park
Was Christian, through and through
But recently, they learned, the park’s
For other people, too!

If Muslims, Jews, and atheists
Can all erect displays,
The Christians might feel threatened
By their different, heathen ways

If Jesus is invited, then
It’s likewise for the crowd;
And Leatherface himself would be
Specifically allowed.

The council cannot ban one voice,
And let another speak—
So no displays at all this year,
The word came down this week.

The reeling in of privilege,
Invisible as air,
Treats everybody equally…
And that’s why it’s unfair!

Via the Santa Monica Patch, the word is out–no more winter displays of any sort in those big boxy displays that for 60 years have traditionally blocked the view of the ocean to share the story of Jesus’ birth, brought to you by the City of Santa Monica, in violation of the first amendment. And yes, the story specifically notes that a display showing Leatherface threatening baby Jesus would have been perfectly legal, had the city chosen to allow any displays at all.


  1. desoto says

    Too bad they are not banning it for the right reason. The comments on the article display peoples’ misunderstanding of the fact that this is a country of individual rights, not majority rights.

  2. jnorris says

    Without the big box Baby Jesus displays on public land how will the people know its Christmas? If only there existed not-for-profit, tax exempt organizations with buildings on almost every street corner where Christmas displays can be viewed by the public, if only.

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