The First Casualty In This Year’s War On Christmas (Already?)

The War On Christmas used to be
A war without a casualty
A war of rhetoric and bile
Of right-wing spin and practiced guile

The War On Christmas never claimed
A victim—one who might be named—
This war was waged in bloodless fashion;
With little risk, but lots of passion!

The War On Christmas, at least this year,
Has claimed a life we all held dear
The headlines show for all to see—
They’ve killed the nation’s Christmas tree!

It’s time to call, at once, a truce,
And end this pointless loss of spruce.


  1. Otrame says

    I think they may have to try several times to get one to take. It’s not easy to move a tree that size.

  2. coragyps says

    “Transplant shock.” Hah! I bet that’s Democrat code for “planting too close to a Mooslim Commie Socialist Librul.”

  3. Roxane says

    Sounds like it was a Tea Party Christmas tree that died of embarrassment at being put up in the White House.

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