MMmmmmm… Sacrilicious!

Is beer in a chalice
Some blasphemous malice?
Is it funny as hell, or not very?
Is bobblehead Jesus
Intended to please us?
We’re fighting to close down “Ale Mary’s”!

Is the “heavenly ale”
That they claim is for sale
An affront to the mother of god?
Are the pictures of nuns
Merely harmless, and fun
Or is evil behind the façade?

If a Monstrance, as kitsch,
Makes your frontal lobe twitch,
As the sacred becomes the profane,
Raise your voice and be heard—
It’s obscene! It’s absurd!
And the protest itself? It’s insane!

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The Source Of All The Problems

A strange synchronicity today–Our new colleague here at Freethought Blogs, Taslima Nasreen, writes this:

My mother used to wear a burqa with a net over her face. It reminded me of the meat safes in my grandmother’s house. Meat safe’s net was made of metal, my mother’s net was made of linen. But the objective was the same: keeping the meat safe.

There it is, in a nutshell. The whole piece is brilliant, but that initial, pithy observation is the unvarnished, powerful truth. Gotta keep the lady parts under wrap, for the sake of all that is holy.

Now, the strange synchronicity. Today’s “Non Sequitur” (by Wiley) has discovered the source of all the problems of the world. (I’d tell you here, but, you know, spoilers.)

And of course, the editorial in today’s local paper tells us that the message of Jesus is important today, even for atheists. I’m beginning to wonder if, just maybe, the root of all evil isn’t women’s anatomy, but Man’s ignorance (sexist language intended), institutionalized in convenient religious form.


So… I’ve been proofreading. Not just any stuff, but important stuff. On not just one or two, but three important fronts.

So my brain is utterly depleted. I am quite happy with my comments, and ecstatic about the papers that will eventually be produced. But damn.

So, on the off chance you are in a similar position, I offer you my aspirin. The band’s name is “Fun”.


I have my reasons for loving these. I hope you do, too.

Ah… Easter.

It’s the Easter egg hunt down at Beaverdale Park
With activities scheduled from dawn until dark–
Would you like to join in on the fun? On your mark,
Set, and go!
To and fro!
And explosion of children cascades on the lawn
They are searching for eggs, hither, thither, and yon;
The older kids soon reach the forest, and on
Down below!
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All Enemies, Foreign And Domestic…And Economic And Religious

I’ll bet Sergeant Stein did much better than fine—
He may have been one of the best—
He’d have filled out the quiz as a regular wiz,
For his Spiritual Fitness Test.

He has faith in his God (which is good for his squad)
And the Chaplains can help him with grief
Why, his church can assist with his enemies list
That includes his Commander In Chief.

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Preserve Your Memories; They’re All That’s Left You

Strange. I just heard of the death of a high school classmate, someone I have not thought about in over 30 years. I have moved on from there, and have not been back to that town in… 29 years, if not a bit more. And this person was never a close friend (in truth, I was terribly jealous, because the person from whom I heard this news today, had a crush on this person 35 years ago).

I always thought, even back then, that the people I would miss most would be that “not my best friends, but friends nonetheless” category. Because I would keep in touch with my best friends, of course, but I would likely not keep in touch with this second tier.

Turns out I did not even keep in touch with my best friends from High School. Or many from college. I moved on. Not everyone did; Cuttlespouse keeps in touch with high school and college friends, and most people I know do the same. I am the odd one. I don’t think I actually miss this person, about whose death I just heard. I do, though, miss the person from whom I heard the news.

Anyway, this will take a mere 4 minutes of your life, and is worth far more. If you can’t spare that, jump ahead to the three minute mark; either way, you’re welcome.

The Evils Of Gay Marriage

Larry and Robert are married.
They live in a house on our street.
They’re wonderfully helpful as neighbors,
And as nice as you’re likely to meet.

Their son is a friend of our daughter’s
Their daughter, a friend of our son’s;
If you’re looking for light conversation,
Or for helpful advice, they’re the ones. (continues, after the jump:) [Read more…]