Headline Muse, 4/15

You need just the right kind of meat
To make pies a delectable treat
When you follow the voices
You know what the choice is…
So, “This is my body you eat”.

Headline: Brazilian police arrest 3 on suspicion of murder, cannibalism

Sao Paolo, Brazil (CNN) — Brazilian police have arrested three people suspected of killing at least two women, eating parts of their bodies and using their remains to make stuffed meat pies sold in the northeastern town of Garanhuns.

It’s quite sad, of course.

According to Folha de S. Paulo newspaper, a 5-year-old girl living with the suspects showed the police where they could find the remains of the bodies. The remains of two women were found buried in the backyard of the house, police said.

Police said they believe the girl is the daughter of another woman who disappeared in 2008.

Fuck you, “Crusaders”

“Crusaders” aren’t Christian, we shouldn’t assume—
Just assholes, I’m willing to bet.
They’ve gathered, opposing an atheist girl,
Just people, like many you’ve met.

There’s nothing that hints at some fault of religion—
They’re clearly not frightened of sin—
Their horrible thoughts did not come from the bible
(The odds are, they came from within)

Their words are their own; there’s no need to excuse them;
A threat is a threat is a threat;
These moron “crusaders” are still in the hunt
For “the most clueless idiots yet”

A handwritten letter; a personal screed,
Which the cops will examine for clues…
You threaten, you bully, you menace, you prod…
And of course, in the long run… you lose.

(bit–or more than a bit–of a rant, following…) [Read more…]

God Backs Loser. Again.

When God says “run”, you must obey;
There cannot be another way.
The voters speak, and so it goes:
“Dieu propose et l’homme dispose”

Long (well, not that long), involved (fairly straightforward, actually) rant (ok, there you speak the truth, so long as ranting can include quotes from Shakespeare) after the jump: [Read more…]