The Voice Of God

Some people hear the voice of god
Whenever thunder booms—
(They might have missed a science class,
One cautiously presumes.)
A summer storm impresses them,
And leaves them filled with wonder—
They hear the mighty voice of god…
I only hear the thunder. [Read more…]

This Verse Could Save Your Life

The new advice for modern masses:
On your feet, and off your asses!
The hours you’re spending on your rears
Can cost your lifespan several years!
The sofa, couch, or beanbag chair
On which you rest your derriere
Is slowly, surely, killing you.
And so, of course, what you must do
Is walk. Or run. Or, simply, stand—
It’s really not a big demand—
There’s just one thing you have to quit;
The thing you cannot do… is sit.

So… get pissed off! Or get angry! Frown!
But do not take this sitting down.

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A small handful of commenters on my Rainbow Connection poll said they knew what I was getting after. Could be, actually. If you know me well, I’m pretty predictable. As a clue, a hint, to those people (and anyone else who wants to guess), I’ll refer back to a favorite verse, and my all-time favorite comment thread… after the jump: [Read more…]


Thank you so much for your responses to the previous post! It may take me a while to throw together the post I have planned and for which I needed your input. In appreciation of your comments, I give you a video which moved me to tears, because neither Kermit nor Jim Henson were part of it, although both were a huge part of it. After the jump: [Read more…]

A Very Serious Non-Scientific Poll

I am seriously looking for your input on this; I assure you it is not a trick question, but what I think to be a very simple and straightforward one. That said, I am not doing this as a multiple-choice poll, but open-ended, for reasons which I will reveal at a later date. Please do leave your answer in the comments, even if others have already answered (and please do your best not to be influenced by earlier answers, whether they agree or disagree with yours). And despite this being the internet, I am asking for your honest first answer (even if it is “I don’t know”). Please do not google, bing, or otherwise search–I’m not looking for their answer, I’m looking for yours.

The question is: Who sang “The Rainbow Connection”?